The new government must address the country's housing crisis promptly

July 8, 2024

The UK General Election has returned the Labour Party to power with a parliamentary landslide, ending 14 years of Conservative government. Aiming to channel the spirit of Clement Attlee with a proactive and strategic approach to housing, the party campaigned on a manifesto that promised significant changes to planning rules, strict targets for delivery of new homes, reform of the private rented sector (PRS), long-term schemes to help young people onto the housing ladder, and local powers for councils to take over empty commercial premises.

Within their first six months in office, the new UK Government has pledged to consult on business taxation and publish a roadmap for change. They aim to replace the business rates system with a new regime that evens the playing field between online and physical businesses.

Additionally, the Labour Party promised to cap corporation tax at the current level of 25% during this parliament, as well as a review of Universal Credit.

Starmer and Rayner have repeatedly positioned Labour as the party of home ownership, aspiring to reach an ownership rate of 70%, and committed to delivering the biggest boost in affordable and social housing for a generation. There is also a focus on reforming the planning system to speed up the building of their targeted 1.5m homes, making use of disused ‘grey belt’ land, and reintroducing compulsory local housing targets.

Labour has been clear that affordable, social, and council houses are a fundamental part of ensuring decent homes for all, stating they want to return social housing to the second largest form of tenure in the UK.

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